Benefits of Curation

As a business owner it’s likely you have to do the Sales and Marketing yourself. Probably you’ve had no formal training in either. Most of what’s around is aimed at marketing consumer goods but the chances are you are selling to other businesses – not to the general public.

You know you get business by meeting people but these days they check you out on line as well. So you need material posted that tells the world you know your stuff, you deliver and you’re easy to work with.

The question is how much should you do – given that research shows that most people have about 12 hours a week and that’s it.

Its worth creating a few pieces that demonstrate thought leadership – a PDF white paper, a couple of slideshare decks and a video or two – all properly tagged and titled for maximum SEO benefit.

However you also need something fresh. Blogs are good but writing good stuff is time consuming. You need to do some but you can maintain interest by curating information using tools like which allows you to post links and images to someone else’s work that you thing will be beneficial to your community with some judicious comments that allow you to establish your own bona fides as a subject expert.

You can see that I prepared one earlier at the foot of the sticky post above.

However, this is really only useful as part of an overall marketing strategy.  Most of us  are engaged in business to business sales and we need to know how to construct and effective story and tell it in the right places, on line, in writing and face to face.  Our brand new re-launch of 1Man Brand will walk you step by step through the procedures you need to be successful. More information here

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